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Comprehensive Probate Representation

The death of a family member is never easy. While families should focus on healing and celebrating a loved one’s life, the matter of personal property and assets must also be tended to. At Darrow Law Offices, we offer compassionate and knowledgeable legal counsel in all cases of probate. We have the resources and knowledge to help your family manage through this difficult time. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Probate Matters From Start to Finish

Our firm is available to assist you at any stage of the probate process. This includes those just starting to manage the will of a recently deceased family member or people who need to draw up estate plans to keep assets out of probate. Without advanced planning, probate is a necessary step for the court to see that a person’s property is correctly disbursed without fraud. We are here to discuss wills and different options to avoid probate if your family desires.

Professional Assistance for Executors

If you’ve been named the executor in a will, overseeing one is more complicated than it sounds. Even the best-made plans can experience bumps or challenges from unhappy siblings or family members. Probate can be a lengthy process on its own, but with unexpected pitfalls, the process can drag on even longer. Some specific timelines and deadlines must be followed and met in Wisconsin to execute a will properly. Having our trusted attorneys on your side ensures that all of these are adhered to to avoid complications.

Speak With a Probate Attorney Today

You can rely on the guidance, understanding, and honest approach of Attorney Darrow in all probate matters in Sheboygan County, WI. Having an advisor that you can trust to explain each stage of the process and carry out the decedent’s final wishes will avoid added time and potential missteps. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

Helping to Make Things Rightâ„¢