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Trusted Guidance Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

When debt becomes insurmountable and even steady payments aren’t allowing you to get above water even with a steady income, the attorneys at Darrow Law Offices in Sheboygan, WI can help you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to get a fresh start. The decision to file for bankruptcy is not an easy one. Working with our honest and experienced attorneys will help you understand the entire process, how it will get you out of debt, and what it means for your financial future. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

chapter 13 bankruptcy form

Consolidate and Repay Debts Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Unlike chapter 7 bankruptcy, which wipes debt completely, chapter 13 bankruptcy uses a more methodical approach to consolidate and repay it. After reviewing financial records, including income, debt, and assets, the court determines a payment plan paid monthly to a trustee, allowing the debtor to keep personal property, including secured assets such as a vehicle or real estate. It’s a reorganization plan that spans about three to five years allowing debtors to move forward once complete. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is only available for individuals and not an avenue for businesses.

We Offer Personalized Help to Stop Calls From Debt Collectors

If you have the income and means to make monthly payments of consolidated debt to a bankruptcy trustee, Chapter 13 may be a good option for you. The benefits include allowing you to keep personal property, such as a home or vehicle, and catch up on missed payments. There are limits to the amount of secured and unsecured debt a filer can carry, and filing for bankruptcy will limit your ability to acquire credit for some time. Attorney Darrow will work with you to determine which bankruptcy option is best for you. When you’ve fallen behind on payments, and you start to ignore calls from creditors and avoid debt collectors, remember that there is an alternative to living this way. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your bankruptcy filing options to get out of debt today.

Helping to Make Things Rightâ„¢