What are the steps in a divorce action?

The first step is DECISION. It is a tremendously difficult and personal decision to end a relationship. Make sure that you have pursued all alternatives; have thought objectively about your decision and then and only then proceed with a divorce action.

The second step is FIND a great divorce attorney. I know, why should I pay all that money to a lawyer? You paid a bunch of money for the wedding, right? You may have paid money for counseling, right? Hiring a lawyer can save you in the long run; help you to achieve the results that you will be most comfortable with and, perhaps most importantly, allow you to stand up for what is right.

The third step is ACT. File the divorce action. See our website at darrowlaw.com to hear the details to the filing process.

The Fourth step is PREPARE. With your lawyer prepare your case. Gather the data your lawyer will need to be your effective advocate.

The fifth and final step is FOLLOW-THROUGH. Finish the task at hand. Attend the final hearing. Prepare yourself to make final and reasonable decisions regarding the issues in your divorce case.

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