Does it matter who files for divorce first?

One of the most repeated questions I get is whether or not it matters who files for divorce first. Oftentimes, people believe that the Court reviews who is the filing party and either believes they are a good person or bad person because they have filed for divorce.

Please understand that it simply does not matter if you are the Petitioner or Respondent in a divorce case. Parties to a divorce case should know and be told that what matters to the Court is the merits of your action.

Having a qualified, competent, and experienced divorce attorney will benefit you by allowing you to ask questions regarding the complete divorce process. Having an attorney will allow you to create a strategy to pursue in your divorce case that will hopefully lead to the best result possible for you.

There are many complexities in the divorce process. Those complexities can be solved and resolved through the hard work, intuition, and intelligence of an experienced divorce attorney.

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