Is your former spouse failing to follow Court Orders?

Oftentimes, people spend a lot of time and money in their divorce going to court and receiving Court Orders that set forth the obligations and responsibilities of each spouse in a divorce case.

Too often, one spouse fails to meet those obligations. Usually, the failure involves economic issues. Did you know that each spouse is required to provide the other with their tax returns each year in any divorce case where child support or maintenance is being paid? This statutory obligation is in place so that each spouse may make a determination as to whether or not their financial support obligation should be changed or modified. Without having this knowledge and information, a party to a divorce action simply cannot make intelligent decisions as to whether or not they should return to court seeking a child support modification and/or a maintenance modification.

There are ways to enforce your rights. We can enforce Court Orders through contempt proceedings. A knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney will be able to explain your options, explain the process to you, and give you an opinion as to the relative merits and probable success of your enforcement action.

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