Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Often times, people ask “why should I hire an attorney?” They believe that hiring an attorney is just an unneeded expense. Of course we disagree. Hiring an Attorney can be the best form of insurance against future problems.

One of the areas of law that I find to be under served, is the area of real estate law. The purchase of a home or real estate is probably the single most expenses investment a person will make in their life. The sale of that single most important investment is also a very important financial decision.

Having an attorney at your side could be the most valuable expenditure that you make in a real estate transaction. Consider the wisdom of consulting with a trained real estate attorney when considering the purchase or sale of a parcel of real estate. An attorney can discuss with you all of the options available to you in selling your real estate. An attorney can help prepare offers of purchase and review offers to purchase. An attorney can ensure that all of the proper documents are prepared correctly for closing. Most importantly, if a deal goes bad or turns sour, an attorney can assist you in either resurrecting that deal or taking appropriate legal action to compensate you for your losses and damages.

Our initial consultations are always free of charge. We do not charge until we begin providing you substantive legal services. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions regarding a real estate transaction.